vocals & Bass

Wayne has been performing in the Baltimore area since he was a teenager.  He began as a guitar player/singer, and played Rock & Roll, British Rock and Motown; eventually joining “The Deltas”, spending every weekend of the next two years playing clubs, bull roasts, fashion shows and a variety of other venues.   He decided to turn to bass guitar, when he helped establish the hard rock group “McKeever”.   After a couple years off, he helped form “Bits & Pieces” as the lead singer (no instrument).  The band stayed together for close to 15 years.   Once again he got out of music, but got back in as the bass player and singer for Bak Traxx.  After a couple years, he gave up the bass and switched to keyboards and rhythm guitar as the band moved into different styles of music.   After a 6 year run, he decided to make a change and created the duo “Wize Gize”, and then turned back to bass again with county artist “Jay Henley & Stonebroke”. 


During his time with Jay, he was approached about putting together another project, and helped to create “The Front”, one of Baltimore’s premier musical and vocal groups.  After spending several years with the band, he decided it was time to follow his other joy: boating.  The urge to play was still there however, and he eventually became a member of Zig Zag, as a Bassist and Singer.   He was approached by the Rebels, and couldn’t resist getting back into a group with a live horn section.  He handles all the male leads and his bass work keeps the “bottom” hammered home.


He has performed on stage with “The Happenings”, “The Strawberry Alarm Clock” and “Len Berry” and opened for Gretchen Wilson while with Jay Henley.  He is noted in several sections of the book, “Baltimore Sounds, An illustrated encyclopedia of Baltimore musicians….1950 – 1980”.


Vocals & Keyboards

Jeanine has been a keyboardist, lead vocalist, and percussionist for several bands in the Baltimore/Washington area since the late 70s.  Her bands include: Amber, a wedding/private function band under the management of late Bernard “Bernie” Hynson, Sr. for 6 years, that played up to four times every weekend.  The band disbanded, and after a short break in music, Jeanine joined Choyce. This band was a 5-piece dance band which also played weddings, private functions, as well as some local bars. 

After two years, Choyce disbanded and Jeanine found herself joining Patuxent, which played in the Baltimore/DC area as a local wedding band.  She also played in a trio band, Triple Threat, as their vocalist/keyboardist/bassist, which lasted about a year before she moved out of state.  Several years later, Jeanine found herself back in the music scene where she joined an up and coming band, No Whiskey For Tori, as lead singer and keys. 

She later joined West Side Rocks and then onto Declassified band, a 7-piece dance band under the direction of Dick Mazza.  Declassified disbanded and after persuasion from the Rebels, she joined them in 2018.  She currently sings lead along with Wayne as well as plays keys.



As one of the original members of The Rebels, Dave started with The Rebels in 1967 and quickly became part of the booming local band explosion.  He and Rennie Maxcy were known as the best 2-piece trumpet/trombone combo around because they made up their own brass arrangements, playing local venues such as the UAW Hall, Ellicott City Armory and others.

The Rebels evolved into the bands Pegg and Flaggstaff in which Dave was a member.  He also played short stints with the bands Deacon, Tremolos and the Assisted Living Band.  Maryland Entertainment Hall of Famer, Barry Gregory insisted on Dave playing in one of his bands.

In later years, Dave studied under Janice Owens through Peabody Prep.

Dave was the founding member and Director of the Salem Brass Ensemble, playing late Renaissance  and early Baroque music.  Two of Dave’s favorite composers are Giovanni Gabrieli and Georg Philipp Telemann.

Prince, Clutch, Frank Zappa, Crack The Sky and Chicago are favorite groups.

Christopher Bill is a favorite contemporary trombonist, arranger and composer.

Today, Dave enjoys being a member of today’s Rebels, playing with accomplished musicians.  Dave can be found in the iconic music encyclopedia, Baltimore Sounds and is easily recognized and known for wearing his Trademark Amedeo Chiappetta Red Italian Sport Coat.


sax & Flute

Beth, a multi-instrumentalist, has performed with many diverse groups in the Baltimore region such as "The Hank Levy Legacy Band" out of Towson, MD. supporting the sax and flute section, and "The Girls Night Out" Jazz Ensemble from Bel Air, MD, rounding out the rhythm section on piano.   She has also performed with the rock group "UXO", blues band "Strong Persuader", and the "Boyle Makers".   

She developed her own jazz trio, "In Time", who performed in the Fells Point area.


She has performed at "Stanstock", been a featured guest artist with "The Graff Brothers" and sat in with Bobby Dixon, Bobby Griffith, Paul Howshall, and Andy McIntyre.

One of her most exciting performances is when she was invited to sit in with the Baltimore Syphy Orchestra, October 2018, during a reading of a Beethoven's 7th Symphony, playing the Basoon. 

She received a Master of Music degree in Performance on Flute for the Univeristy of Delaware and teaches both in the classroom and her private studio.

Beth also works as a solo artist, on sax, flute and piano, performing for various functions and celebrations.



Dave was one of the original members and co-founder of the band way back when.   The band, at the time, was thinking about calling themselves "The Revelations"; however, the name wouldn't fit on the bass drum head, so Dave came up with the name "The Rebels" as an alternative.    The rest is history.


Dave did change bands, playing with Pegg and Flaggstaff, performing as both local venues like the Eastwind and UAW Hall, and at the Pier Ballroom in Ocean City.   After playing with other groups for a while, he became homesick for The Rebels, and got back in the Group in 2014, and has been keeping the beat ever since them.  


Dave’s main influences in music were groups such as Chicago, Steely Dan, and the Doobie Brothers, which has provided him with a wide range of skills.   He enjoys performing and likes playing on a regular basis.



Bobby started playing trumpet way back in 1974, and continued all thru high school.    He took about 5 years off after graduating.   One day he went and saw a band with a horn player and thought to himself, hey, I can do that!   So he bought another horn, took lessons, and within just a year or so, won an audition spot in a band called Brasswork, top 40, R&B, rock.   

He played with Brasswork about 8 years, and then made a change by joining Mary lLou and the Untouchables.  Bobby played with Mary Lou for nearly 20 years.

Over the years Bobby has worked with Joyride, Crowded Stage, The Headliners, Gene Vincentt and the Cadillac Cruisers, and various other groups in the tri-state area.

Bobby has also played Big Band Jazz throughout the whole time as well.   

On a personal note, Bobby is an auto mechanic by trade.   Sunshine and puppies are a turn on, rude people are a turn off, and he loves ice cream.




Ken began his music career playing the guitar in 1966 when he and drummer David founded the Rebels. The Rebels were known to play throughout the Howard County area and then all over the Baltimore region playing Rock n’ Soul music for teen dances and other community events.

Ken played in several other area bands as well.  PEGG, Deacon, Flaggstaff, PHRED, and a small Jazz group.  These bands had one or more members of the Rebels in them as well.

In 1974, Ken left the music scene for 30 years.  He married his high school sweetheart, raised a family, and enjoyed a great career in the electronic systems industry.  In 2004, he was called back to duty by a former bandmate to play for a Howard High school reunion.  Ken caught the music bug again.  In 2011 Ken and other original members of the Rebels played together at a local nightspot and they all got great feedback on the music selected.  He and Dave, the trombonist, were instrumental in starting the group up again in 2012.  With members from the previous bands he was in, he began playing again.  In 2013, the band, The Rebels was reformed with 6 of the original members from the late 1960’s.  Since then, he has enjoyed playing all over the Baltimore region again. 

Ken has always selected music that has a beat that people like to dance to. Rock, Soul, R&B, Funk, POP.  If it makes you want to get up and dance, he likes it.

Kens interests, in addition to playing music again, involve watching his children and grandchildren grow up, maintaining a historic sports car, collecting a new pile of music gear and, above all, spending his life with his wife Cindy.